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You Can’t Out-Earn Stupidity or Out-Tax Bad Budgets

posted on June 27, 2018

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For Iowa to Lower Tax Rates,
it Must Show Spending Restraint

How can Iowa make sure its recent tax reform is fully implemented, including the adoption of fewer and lower tax rates in 2023? The only proven way to lower tax rates is with spending restraint. Some of us in our personal lives have learned Dave Ramsey’s lesson that you cannot out-earn your own stupidity. No state can out-tax bad budgets. Iowa’s 99 percent spending limitation needs to be strengthened by a state constitutional spending limitation amendment.

Lower tax rates in conjunction with controlling the growth of spending provides the best formula for economic growth and opportunity for all Iowans.  Read more here.

ITR Across Iowa

Last week, ITR attended the Midwest Policy Summit in West Des Moines. The Summit featured 10 public policy organizations from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and two national organizations.

At all levels of government, bad policy leads to tax increases. Sharing ideas of what has been successful and what has fallen short regarding state budgets, spending reform, and tax policy will help each organization advance principles to create opportunity and promote liberty.