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Property Tax Reform

posted on August 31, 2018

Taxpayers Deserve Relief and Transparency!

“What I’ve worked 50 years to build up, they’re taking away from me. Pie in the sky assessments allow government to grow and prosper way beyond what property owners and other taxpayers can afford.” These are comments a retired Iowa veteran recently sent to us and the data backs up his claim about affordability.

Sources: Legislative Services Agency Iowa Factbook, U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Social Security Administration

From 2000 to 2017, property taxes collected across Iowa grew by more than 100%. Local governments shouldn’t be able to easily expand so much faster than the rest of the state.


“With no check, property taxes can become unaffordable.” – Gretchen Tegler, Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa


What Could be Done?

Consider This:

  1. Property tax revenue has grown at a much faster rate than inflation, population, and General Fund spending.
  2. Current taxpayer protections are ineffective at limiting property tax bills from increasing.
  3. Effective taxpayer protection would control the growth of property taxes and ensure sufficient revenue to fund the priorities of local governments.
  4. All local revenue and fees should be reviewed for limitation. When only property tax revenue has been limited in other states, local governments have increased sales taxes, hotel/motel taxes, other local taxes, or increased fees to make up for revenue they consider lost.

“Local governments should not receive an automatic 12 percent revenue increase simply because property valuations increased 12 percent.” – Utah Taxpayers Association