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September 8, 2020

Iowa taxes get an "F"

  • Iowa's tax climate gets a failing grade
  • Which states are poised for economic recovery?
  • Iowa's high property taxes


August 24, 2020

Property taxes driven by spending

  • Why do property taxes increase?
  • County property taxes compared to population growth
  • Who pays the most in property taxes?
  • Community college property tax revenue

August 14, 2020

Trump or Biden?

  • 66% say taxes are a deciding factor
  • Iowa's Rich States, Poor States ranking

August 7, 2020

Property taxes and education funding

  • School district enrollment and property tax comparison
  • Property tax solution survey
  • Are Iowa's public universities bloated or under-managed

July 24, 2020

Are your city's property taxes unreasonable?

When property taxes grow faster than household budgets they:

  • Force people on fixed incomes out of their homes
  • Make it harder for young families to afford their first home
  • Consumes more income from renters and homeowners alike

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