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You know how the government keeps taking more of your money and time? Well, ITR works for lower taxes, less spending, and fewer regulations so politicians get out of your pocket and off your back.

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Recent Newsletters:

April 9, 2021

What would a vaccine passport cost you?

  • Don't violate Iowans' personal freedom
  • School board members challenge property tax increases
  • Government doesn't get theirs first


March 7, 2021

$100 Million Property Tax Cut Bill Advances

  • "Government doesn't get theirs first."

April 2, 2021

Will they sit on their hands?

  • Assessments, spending, and your property tax bill
  • What Leadership Looks Like
  • Forced Sale of a Century Farm

March 26, 2021

Why wait? Cut the rates.

  • Triggers are unnecessary
  • State budget priorities
  • Iowa: A great place to live; not a great place to die
  • Iowans know what is best for Iowans



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