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You know how the government keeps taking more of your money and time? Well, ITR works for lower taxes, less spending, and fewer regulations so politicians get out of your pocket and off your back.

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Recent Newsletters:

June 17, 2021

Reynolds isn't done with tax cuts

Next year, I'll be proposing additional
income tax cuts as we continue to make
Iowa the most attractive place in
America to open a business, raise a
family, and start a career.

June 9, 2021

I am grateful to live in a state where...

The governor and legislature delivered:

    • A successful COVID Response
    • Tax Cuts
    • Freedom

May 25, 2021

That's a wrap

  • Stoking the fire to keep tax reform alive
  • Taxpayer victories
  • Work left to do

May 18, 2021

A billion-dollar taxpayer victory

  • Tax relief agreement reached
  • This is what YOU told lawmakers to get done



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