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ITR’s First Annual Tax Day Lunch

posted on March 15, 2019

Governor Kim Reynolds was the keynote speaker Wednesday for the first annual Tax Day Lunch, co-hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief and NFIB/Iowa. Governor Reynolds, speaking at the Des Moines Botanical Center to over 100 members of ITR and NFIB, credited the “two great organizations” for their work on behalf of Iowa taxpayers.

“It is the people that drive this economy, not the government. When Iowans keep more of their hard-earned money, great things happen,” stated Reynolds.

As she travels the state the Governor said she is inspired and motivated by the feedback she receives. Iowans are honest about what is working and what is not. She cited many examples of how tax cuts have helped employers give bonuses, increase wages, and expand their businesses.

NFIB/Iowa State Director Matt Everson, BerganKDV State and Local Tax Expert Chris Gallo, ITR President Chris Ingstad, and Iowa Taxpayers Association President Tom Sands participated in a panel discussion on tax policies in Iowa at the First Annual Tax Lunch on March 13, 2019.

The Governor added, “ITR has been fighting for Iowa taxpayers for over 40 years. I can’t tell you how important that is. Right now, the Capitol is filled with lobbyists who represent the interests of their clients. Sometimes those interests align with what is good for taxpayers and sometimes they don’t. When ITR is at the Capitol, they are not working for just one business or industry. They represent ALL Iowa taxpayers.”

When talking about last year’s state income tax reform, Reynolds said, “We didn’t accomplish everything we wanted, but we aren’t done. Our intent was to focus on one area and then come back and do the rest.”

Property tax reform is a priority of her administration and legislators this year. “We want to make sure there is transparency and accountability when it comes to increased assessments that often result in increased taxes,” Reynolds said.

After the event, the Governor posted a tweet with some great pictures:

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