Legislative Updates

This year, policymakers have the opportunity to speed up scheduled tax cuts, make it easier to enter new careers, guarantee support is given to those who are genuinely in need, and increase the fiscal accountability of local governments. Below are the bills ITR is tracking, and we encourage you to talk to your legislator about them.

Status as of February 14, 2020

= updated this week


SSB 3116/HSB 657 - Governor's comprehensive tax reform bill

Stopping Medicaid Recipient Fraud

SSB 3068 - Public assistance oversight

HF 2030 - Public assistance eligibility verification

 SF 2114 - Recognizes professional licenses and certifications from other states

SSB 3122/HSB 647 - Governor's occupational licensing reform: professional licensing qualifications, state reciprocity, criminal justice reform, and fee waivers

SSB 3142 - Review and sunset state boards and agencies, regulation of professions and occupations, and investigations conducted by state boards

SF 2163 - Professional licensing qualifications and the sunset of licensing boards

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyist Transparency

SF-639 - An Act relating to lobbying activities by political subdivisions

Elimination of the Inheritance Tax

SF 307 / HF 438- Complete repeal of the state inheritance tax

HF 2203 - An act establishing an eligibility phase-out program for child care assistance

Government Accountability and Efficiency

SF 2116 - Comprehensive review of all fees

HSB 503 - Excluding charges for legal services from fees to examine or copy public records.

HF 2060 - Limits the date of certain school bond elections to the regular school election date

Constitutional Amendments

SJR 20 - Spending limitation amendment

SJR 22 - Income tax supermajority amendment

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