Legislative Updates

The Iowa Capitol is closed to the public, and the legislative session has been suspended.

Below is the progress of legislation through March 16:

SSB 3116/HSB 657 - Governor's comprehensive tax reform bill

3/4/2020 - Senate Ways and Means subcommittee public hearing

Stopping Public Assistance Fraud

SF 2272 (formerly SSB 3068) - Public assistance oversight

2/26/2020 - Passed Senate: 32-17
3/3/2020 - Referred to House Human Resources committee

HF 2030 - Public assistance eligibility verification

SF 2392 (formerly SSB 3142) - Review and sunset state boards and agencies, regulation of professions and occupations, and investigations conducted by state boards

3/10/2020 - Passed Senate : 30-18
3/11/2020 - House State Government subcommittee scheduled for 3/16

SF 2393 (formerly SF 2114) - Recognizes professional licenses and certifications from other states

2/24/2020 - Passed by Senate Labor and Business Relations committee
3/4/2020 - Passed Senate Ways and Means subcommittee

HF 2470 - Governor's occupational licensing reform: professional licensing qualifications, state reciprocity, criminal justice reform, and fee waivers

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyist Transparency

SF 2395 (SF-639) - An Act relating to lobbying activities by political subdivisions

Elimination of the Inheritance Tax

SF 307 - Complete repeal of the state inheritance tax

HF 2424 (formerly HF 2203) - An act establishing an eligibility phase-out program for child care assistance

3/9/2020 - Passed House: 99-0
3/11/2020 - Senate Human Resources subcommittee

Government Accountability and Efficiency

SF 2116 - Comprehensive review of all fees

HSB 503 - Excluding charges for legal services from fees to examine or copy public records.

HF 2060 - Limits the date of certain school bond elections to the regular school election date

Constitutional Amendments

SJR 20 - Spending limitation amendment

SJR 22 - Income tax supermajority amendment

Other Legislation of Interest

SF 2338 (formerly SSB 3150) - An act relating to civil actions, including the total amount recoverable as a noneconomic damages award against a health care provider and evidence offered to prove past medical expenses.

2/25/2020 - Passed Senate: 30-20
3/11/2020 - House Commerce Subcommittee scheduled for 3/16

SF 2107 - An act establishing a motor vehicle mileage tax pilot program. - ITR OPPOSES

HF 2368 - A bill to remove to two existing state regulations when a new regulation is added to the Iowa administrative code.

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