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ITR in Clear Lake

posted on July 12, 2019

ITR recently co-hosted a roundtable luncheon with NFIB in Clear Lake. Members from both organizations heard Iowa House Speaker Linda Upmeyer say, "You have a voice in the lobby. When I want to know how taxes will affect Iowans and small businesses, I can go to ITR and NFIB."

When talking about this year's property tax reform legislation, Upmeyer said, "It is really about transparency. If they (local governments) are going to have a budget that spends more money and increases taxes, they now have to take a vote. We still need to do more. This is not a one and done issue."

Upmeyer and organization members also discussed rising healthcare costs and burdensome occupational licensing requirements.

ITR is planning to host more roundtable discussions this year. Keep an eye out for when we are in your part of the state!

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