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ATR on Iowa’s Property Tax Transparency

posted on May 31, 2019

Americans for Tax Reform on Iowa's Property Tax Transparency

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) posted an article today about Iowa's Property Tax Transparency bill that Governor Kim Reynolds signed last week. When describing the law, ATR said:

Thanks to this new law, local city councils and county boards are now required to hold public hearings when discussing property tax issues. These hearings must be made known on the county’s website as well as social media, and hearing notices must include a “statement of the major reason for the increase.” This transparency will allow for greater input from those who will be affected most by changes.

Chris Ingstad, President of Iowans for Tax Relief—who has played a key role in advocating for property tax relief—says that this reform is a huge win for Iowans and empowers taxpayers.

“When the first public hearing of property tax reform was held in March, Iowans for Tax Relief advocated that an open conversation between local government and their constituents is needed. This bill accomplishes that goal. Transparency, citizen input, and local government accountability will all be increased,” said Ingstad.

ATR has been a helpful partner for ITR on this reform and for promoting limited government ideals.