A 2020 Vision for Iowa

ITR Legislative Issue Guide

Having 20/20 vision indicates a person’s vision is clear and sharp.


Governments rarely operate with this type of clarity. That is why we are working on a prescription to help the state government’s vision. In other words, Iowans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and have the freedom to make decisions without unnecessary barriers.


Heading into the 2020 legislative session, policymakers have the opportunity to speed up scheduled tax cuts, make it easier to enter new careers, guarantee support is given to those who are genuinely in need, and increase the fiscal accountability of local governments.


Iowans deserve every opportunity to grow and prosper. When citizens make their voices heard it’s harder for bureaucrats to get away with increasing spending and creating economic burdens.


As new issues come to light in the 2020 legislative session, ITR will weigh in when appropriate as we remain the voice of the taxpayer.

Policy Solutions

Income Tax Reform 2.0

The Problem: Iowa has some of the highest income tax rates in the country. The...

Occupational Licensing Reform

The Problem: Iowa is the 2nd most licensed state in the country. This makes it...

Stop Medicaid Recipient Fraud

The Problem: It is unclear how much Medicaid recipient fraud is present in Iowa. Other...

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyist Transparency

The Facts: Contract lobbyists are hired by: Cities Counties School Districts Taxpayer Funded Associations  ...

Regulatory Reform

The Facts: Iowa has 160,000 restrictive terms, such as “must,” “shall,” and “may not,” in...

Federal Funds Inventory

The Problem: Roughly half of Iowa's budget consists of money from Uncle Sam. Federal funds...

Inheritance Tax

The Problem: If a deceased person does not have children or chooses to leave their...

Donor Privacy

The Facts: The constitution grants the right to privacy and free speech.   The Problem:...

TIF Reform

The Facts: The origninal intent of TIF was to revitalize blighted areas in a community....

The Welfare Cliff

The Problem: Some welfare recipients are trapped in a poverty cycle from increased income pushing...

Zero-Based Budgeting

The Problem: Departmental state government budgets use the prior year's budget as a starting point....

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