What We Do

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Iowans for Tax Relief (ITR) lobbies for reduced state government spending and lower taxes for all Iowans. Responsible limits are needed is to spur economic growth for individuals and businesses. Since our founding in 1978 we have added tens of thousands members, making us one of the largest taxpayer rights group, per capita, in the country.

We lobby in the Iowa Statehouse every legislative session to protect the taxpayers’ pocketbook before the government budget. We work to inform legislators and Iowans on how proposed legislation and current law affect all taxpayers. In the lobby we are the only organization asking legislators to stop spending; the others are there with their hands out asking for more of your money. We believe you are better able to spend, save and invest your money than the government.


ITR PAC is a non-partisan taxpayer action committee working to elect pro-taxpayer legislators. We support candidates who commit in writing to limit total government spending and total taxes. ITR PAC seeks to support candidates whose convictions are consistent with the mission of Iowans for Tax Relief. ITR PAC is sponsored by, but separate from, Iowans for Tax Relief.

When you choose to contribute to ITR PAC, candidates we support receive 100% of your contribution. Your donation, along with our political endorsements and years of experience help elect pro-taxpayer candidates. In November 2016, 28 of the 31 fiscally conservative candidates ITR PAC contributed to, won their races and over 96% of the dollars contributed to candidates by ITR PAC were spent in victorious campaigns. These victories included the election of four new Representatives and three new Senators.


Tax Education Foundation (TEF) does pro-taxpayer education and research. It informs people about taxes, spending and principles of limited government. Click here to visit the Tax Education Foundation website.