What We Do and How We Do It

Iowans for Tax Relief lobbies for reduced state government spending and lower taxes for all Iowans. Lower state taxes bring better jobs and population growth. More people mean a broader tax base and enough money for government to provide services.

Many believe in the work we are doing. Since 1978 our organization has grown to include over 54,900 members, making us the largest taxpayer rights group, per capita, in the country.

The average two-earner family, in Iowa, spends over 50% of what they earn for government. Federal, state, and local sales and income taxes combined with government fees, licenses and other hidden taxes are a burden to Iowa families.

The 10 fastest growing states in the U.S. also happen to be the 10 lowest tax states. Conversely, the 10 highest tax states are the slowest growing states in the U.S. To business owners and families alike, Americans want lower taxes.

Our Accomplishments

  • Top end income tax rate cut from 13% to 8.98%
  • Blocked debt financing and protected deductions in 2003
  • Phase-out of Social Security tax in 2006
  • Eight consecutive years of tax cuts
  • Fought to keep federal deductibility in 2007
  • Protected taxpayers from a statewide 20% sales tax increase in 2007
  • Led efforts to implement transparency within state government spending in 2009
  • Defended Iowans from paying a “Tax on a Tax” by fighting multiple attempts to eliminate federal deductibility in 2009

Iowans for Tax Relief Mission

Iowans for Tax Relief works and speaks for all Iowa taxpayers on tax and spending issues. We work to limit total government spending and total taxes for the benefit of all the people. Responsible limits on taxes and spending are needed to protect freedom, provide jobs, increase incentives and opportunities, control inflation, reduce interest rates and achieve a better life for all. We are a non-partisan, non-political organization and do not support or oppose any candidate.

Iowans for Tax Relief Strategy

We lobby in the Iowa Statehouse every legislative session to protect the taxpayers' pocketbook before the government budget. We work to inform legislators and Iowans on how proposed legislation and current law affect all taxpayers. In the lobby we are the only organization with our hands held at stop; the others are there with their hands out asking for more of your money. We believe you are better able to spend, save and invest your money than the government.

Iowans for Tax Relief PAC, the political action arm of Iowans for Tax Relief, is the most effective force in Iowa politics. We research Legislative candidates all over Iowa, come along side those who share our vision, and help them win.

We've done the work finding the right candidates across Iowa. When the fiscal conservatives outnumber the big spenders, family budgets are protected, spending is reduced, and taxes are cut.

We will not move from the task of electing candidates who will protect your family budget. Iowans for Tax Relief PAC is a trusted ally with the best interest of your family in mind.

Iowans for Tax Relief PAC Mission

Iowans for Tax Relief Political Action Committee (ITR PAC) is our non-partisan taxpayer action committee working to elect pro-taxpayer legislators. We support candidates who commit in writing to limit total government spending and total taxes for the benefit of all the people. ITR PAC seeks to support candidates whose convictions are consistent with the mission of Iowans for Tax Relief. ITR PAC is sponsored by, but separate from, Iowans for Tax Relief.

Iowans for Tax Relief PAC Strategy

We do the research to find and support pro-taxpayer candidates across Iowa. Candidates we support receive 100% of your contribution to the ITR PAC. Your contribution along with our political endorsements and our years of experience help elect pro-taxpayer candidates. With your support our strategy continues to be effective and we have an 81% winning record since the ITR PAC started in 1984.

Tax Education Foundation

Tax Education Foundation does pro-taxpayer education and research. It informs people about taxes, spending and principles of limited government. Click here to visit the Tax Education Foundation (TEF) website.