Legislative Issue Guide

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Through research and advocacy, Iowans for Tax Relief (ITR) serves as a resource for lawmakers and citizens who desire commonsense solutions for delivering economic freedom.

We invite you to review these issues and proposed solutions.  This year’s Legislative Issue Guide has five key policy solutions that the legislature can implement this year to increase economic freedom in Iowa:

Property Owners Are Not a Blank Check
Property taxes are quickly becoming unaffordable


Uncle Sam’s Dependent
Why an inventory of all federal funds is needed in Iowa


Tax Rates Matter
Iowa’s income tax rates must be competitive


Stop Medicaid Abuse
Iowa must ensure resources reach the truly needy


Let’s Get Real About Spending
Strengthen Iowa’s government spending limit


We work to make Iowa a place for families and businesses to grow and thrive. Despite everything our state has to offer, we often lose people, revenue, and business investment to other states. Iowa’s economic policies impact us all, and current and prospective Iowans must be empowered with economic freedom through fiscal responsibility, free market solutions, and limited government at all levels.

Our state’s economic challenges include high property taxes, an uncompetitive tax code, a reliance on the federal government, a Medicaid system potentially laden with fraud, and an overall appetite for increased government spending.

The purpose of our guide is to serve as an informational tool with the goal of continuing the progress made in the previous two legislative sessions. The solutions put forth in this guide are the present policy initiatives supported by ITR. As new issues come to light in the 2019 legislative session, ITR will weigh in when appropriate.

ITR will remain the taxpayers’ watchdog and will not relent in fighting for a better Iowa. If you have any questions about any of these issues, email itr@taxrelief.org.

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