Ernie Adkison

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Ernie Adkison,¬†Director of Outreach and Engagement, ¬†joined the ITR team in 2011. He has a passion for building relationships with people and has enjoyed sharing coffee with candidates, legislators and other conservative folks all across Iowa. From Cabin Coffee up in Northeast Iowa to Casey’s Bakery in Northwest Iowa, he travels the state connecting with people who believe in a smaller and smarter government that benefits all Iowans. He is a registered lobbyist and is at the Capitol when they are in session.

Ernie grew up in Florida, went to school in Tennessee, married a girl from Iowa, moved to Alabama, went to grad school in Saskatchewan, and finally, put down roots in Iowa in 2003. Ernie and his wife Mindy live on an acreage outside of Newton with their three children. Prior to joining the team at ITR, he earned an MA in youth and family ministry and served pastorally in two Iowa churches and one in Alabama.